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Ask Gail: Latte Art Using Milk Frothers?

Mar 6, 2015 · ask gail · educational · latte art · milk drinks
Ask Gail: Latte Art Using Milk Frothers?

Every once in awhile we like to let our inner Picasso out to play. It's fine, we all do it and there is nothing to be ashamed of! But the question remains, is it possible to create beautiful latte art using milk frothers? Well, unfortunately the short answer is no. While milk frothers like the Jura are excellent at providing you with no-fuss perfectly frothed milk for your espresso beverages, they just don't have the finesse needed for latte art foam. We asked Gail to give us a little explanation as to why these stand alone milk frothers won't give us the best results and she delivered! Watch the video below to see Gail attempt some latte art using a milk frother.

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