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Ask Gail: Understanding The Technivorm Models

Aug 4, 2015 · coffee · drip brewers · gail · guides · technivorm · videos
Ask Gail: Understanding The Technivorm Models

The The Technivorm coffee lineup can be demystified with a little knowledge (and a helpful chart!) The first thing you want to do is decide which style of carafe you want. The Technivorm models come in either a glass carafe or a thermal carafe. Are you someone who finishes a pot of coffee before it is even done brewing? If so, you may want to go for the glass carafe (we use a glass carafe in our breakroom!) Or maybe you are one who likes to leisurely sip your cup o' joe, in which case the thermal carafe will keep that pot of coffee hot till the last sip. The next decision that must be made is if you want an auto stop machine or a manual stop machine. The auto stop is great if you always brew full pots. The manual stop machine give you the ability to brew a half pot, but you will need to remember to flip the switch open or closed, otherwise the brew basket can overflow causing a mess. Trust us, we've made that mess several times before. Once you have those decisions made, the right Technivorm for you will be clear. Check out the full Ask Gail video below to see the helpful chart!

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