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Barista Snapshot: Cort Kern aka Barista Maniac

Oct 22, 2013 · interview · Legacy
Barista Snapshot: Cort Kern aka Barista Maniac

Who: Cort Kern, Professional Barista/Consultant Where: Head Barista, Christ Church Of Oak Brook What is a coffee consultant? Someone who steps in to guide and restructure a current or new coffee shop. I provide training at a professional level to increase sales and run an effective business custom tailored for each shop owner. What was the first coffee drink you remember tasting? Did you like it? It was an Americano. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but to be honest with you I just saw The Talented Mr. Ripley in the theatre that day and loved the song Americano. So it inspired me to order it. The barista behind the counter was singing the song without knowing I just saw the film. What kind of coffee do you drink at home? A black cup of coffee, no cream, no sugar. I use many different brewing methods at home including photos by Ethan Paulson's Photography[/caption]

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