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Best Coffee Accessories of 2023

Oct 19, 2023 · accessories · best of · coffee · espresso · reviews · videos
Best Coffee Accessories of 2023

It’s time for our final Best of 2023 list - accessories! The right extras can really take a coffee setup from passable to the next level. With that said, it can be hard to know what the best options will be for the way you like to brew. That’s where we come in! We’ve got our normal list of three picks, with a crowd pleaser, top features choice, and an ultimate option. We also have an honorable mention for this one!

Crowd Pleaser - Breville Puck Sucker

The Breville Puck Sucker is a novel new approach to knock boxes that we really enjoy. Any espresso enthusiast knows that managing the mess from their morning brew is one of the most frustrating parts of the process. Many variations on the classic knock box exist, but they all function similarly. The Puck Sucker does things a little bit differently.

No, it’s not just the chuckle-inducing name that lands this piece of gear a spot on this list. The Breville Puck Sucker actually uses a suction mechanism to pull grounds from the portafilter into the chamber. This helps to create a much cleaner ejection than just banging your portafilter on a knock box. It’s powered by a simple 9V battery and one battery will last for many ejections. All of this creates a cleaner, quieter path to wrapping up your morning espresso routine.

Top Features - Fellow Tally Coffee Scale

Enthusiasts know there’s a world of coffee scales out there, and it can be hard to really determine which ones are worth investing in. One of the newest kids on the block, the Fellow Tally, really does what Fellow does best - innovate and push forward an existing piece of equipment with new ideas.

Tally may look like a standard scale at first, but in true Fellow fashion it really does refine and perfect the pour over scale. It starts with high accuracy and water resistance, nothing new, but something key to this type of product. Next, there’s the big, easy to access buttons. Sometimes trying to hit a small tare button can be a real pain while brewing, but the Tally solves this by making those buttons much bigger. It also has a display that provides more clarity than we usually see from coffee scales. Finally, its built-in timer function and ratio assistance lets you recreate your favorite pour over recipe. This is a premium scale that really goes the extra mile to prove its worth, and we love it.

Ultimate Choice - Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Studio Pour Over Kettle

Speaking of Fellow, and of pour over, our ultimate choice for best coffee accessory of 2023 is the Stagg EKG Pro Studio kettle. This kettle takes the already impressive Fellow Stagg EKG and upgrades it with a hefty new glass base. This base does more than just elevate the material quality of the Stagg EKG, it also adds a color screen and new features.

While the screen is beautiful, it’s what it adds features-wise that really puts this kettle over the top. With the EKG Pro you’ll get auto-on programming, altitude settings, a dedicated boil water option, and even a chime to alert you when your water is at temp. These new features really make this a worthwhile upgrade from whatever kettle you have currently, and they’ll help you to craft that perfect pour over again and again.

Honorable Mention - Miir Coffee Canister

We’re always excited when there’s a new coffee storage option, and the Miir Coffee Canister is no exception. With an accordion style lid this canister does a great job of producing an air-tight seal, and what it really brings to the table over its competitors is its small size.

Designed to hold just a single bag of 10-12oz coffee, Miir’s canister is a great option for taking coffee on the go. This is furthered by its solid design that can really take a beating. Finally, with a great price tag you can even pick up more than one canister to store your different beans, and the lids make great dosing bowls for measuring out a single dose of coffee. This canister really is a great choice for any coffee enthusiast!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these top 3s, and if you’re looking for even more accessory talk you can find our Best of 2023 video for accessories below!

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