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Breville 2021 Holiday Shopping Guide

Nov 24, 2021 · breville · coffee · espresso · shopping guide
Breville 2021 Holiday Shopping Guide

Our Holiday Deals are coming in hot! But we’ve still got more to talk about for finding that perfect coffee setup upgrade this season. Today we’re taking a look at what Breville has to offer for your holiday shopping!

Dynamic Duo

We’ve got an SCG exclusive bundle of two fantastic Breville machines that we like to call the Dynamic Duo. This package includes the Smart Grinder Pro and the Dual Boiler. The DB is a stellar machine that offers great performance all on its own. With a dedicated brew boiler and a service boiler for steam you can brew and froth at the same time. This machine also has loads of programming options for shot time, preinfusion, auto-on scheduling, and more. On top of that, the DB’s PID controlled temperatures offer custom temp settings and rock solid performance. Then there’s the Smart Grinder Pro. This grinder is easy to use, has a clear display to show you settings, and has timed dosing options for dialing in. It’s a great companion for any espresso machine, and it works particularly well with the Dual Boiler. Even better? If you want you can use this grinder for slow brew methods as well. This is made even easier by the grinder’s display, making it simple to jot down your settings and move back to them depending on brew method.

Barista Pro/Express/Touch

For budding home espresso enthusiasts the Barista Pro and Express both make for great entry points. These all in one machines offer loads of performance competitive with any entry level machine, and they do it with a grinder attached. This means you’ll be getting a great grind specifically for your machine every time you prep for a shot. The Express is Breville’s original all-in-one machine. It features simple operation, programming for shot volume, PID controller temperatures, and temperature adjustment. The Pro offers significantly faster heat times with its ThermoJet heating element, as well as digital control for clearer operation. Finally, the Barista Touch gives you guided drink recipes with its touchscreen, reducing the learning curve significantly.

Oracle/Oracle Touch

The Oracle and Oracle Touch are Breville’s machines that almost cut into superautomatic territory. These machines use classic semi-automatic design, but automate most of the process. You just follow the prompts and the machine grinds, tamps, brews, and steams for you! What’s great about these machines is that you can take over elements of the process manually to dial your drink in even more. The base Oracle offers a digital display and button based interface, while the touch gives you full touchscreen control.

Bambino/Bambino Plus

The Bambino is Breville’s most entry level machine, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a steal! We love the value here, both of these machines offer very simple options but they’re a great way to give home espresso brewing a try. The basic Bambino provides manual steaming, programmable shot time, and hot water for americanos. The Bambino Plus Has a larger footprint, water tank, and automatic milk steaming. It also trades hot water for a temperature adjustment option. If you love americanos we’d recommend the base bambino, but if you really want that automatic steaming the Plus is an excellent choice!

Precision Brewer

Last but not least, the Breville Precision Brewer is the brand’s wonderful drip brewer. The drip fan on your list will love this machine’s extensive programming and drink customization. You’ll also be able to get a quality cup with the simple gold cup option built right into the display. That’s our look at Breville’s lineup, now hurry, our savings won’t last forever!

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