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Brewin' with Brandi: Cupid's Kiss

Feb 14, 2013 · coffee · Legacy
Brewin' with Brandi: Cupid's Kiss

Happy Valentine's Day! How about treating your sweetheart and yourself to a delicious cocktail today in celebration? Check out Brandi's lovely recipe, incorporating both chocolate and strawberries.

Ingredients Please note: As seen in the video, our original amounts were a little shy of a full, glorious serving, so we've doubled the recipe below for your enjoyment.


In a shaker, combine espresso, strawberry syrup, Irish cream liqueur and half & half. Shake until well mixed and chilled. Decorate your martini glass with chocolate sauce drizzles and a fresh strawberry. Strain cocktail mixture into glass and serve with a fresh strawberry on the rim. Deliver with a kiss!

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