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Check Out the DeLonghi Eletta Explore Espresso Machine

Check Out the DeLonghi Eletta Explore Espresso Machine

DeLonghi has long been a great manufacturer of affordable superautomatic espresso machines that don’t skimp out on quality. We recently added DeLonghi’s Eletta Explore Espresso Machine to the SCG catalog, one of their more recent offerings. Let’s talk about what makes this machine tick!

Segment and Experience

The Eletta Explore is an all-in-one superautomatic espresso machine. This means that it contains a grinder and brew unit in one machine, and also allows you to froth milk at home as well. This machine falls into the higher end of superautomatics, most comparable to offerings like the Saeco Xelsis and Miele’s lineup of superautos. 

Using the Eletta is a breeze. With a simple touch screen interface this machine works almost like using an app on your phone. This ease of use means that despite having over 50 custom recipes, you can also brew with a single touch. That kind of middle-ground between customization and ease of use is one of the things we really love about this machine. 

We also really love the foaming capabilities. As cold foam milk becomes more popular it’s something that we like to see as an option in superautomatics. Thankfully, the Eletta Explore delivers via its simple but effective carafe based steaming system. This system is easy to maintain and clean, and the cold froth option gives you creamy milk that goes great in an iced latte from the machine, or even mixed with some cold brew if you’ve prepared that separately. In fact, the Eletta Explore has an entire cold menu section, a real step up from many other machines in its segment. Other recipes are broken down as more easily portable drinks, hot drinks, and your favorite recipes. All of this makes it easy to get your coffee asap.

Footprint and Noise

While we wouldn’t say that this machine cuts corners, it does have a couple of points that might make it less appropriate for your kitchen than something like an Xelsis. The first thing to note is the footprint. This is a larger espresso machine at 10.25” wide, 15.13” high, and 17.5” deep, and its design is quite utilitarian (in line with DeLonghi’s other machines). Those measurements make it a bit smaller than very large machines like the Jura Z10, but a bit larger than a Miele CM6160. It’s not going to be a problem for most, but it is worth keeping in mind as you shop. 

The other thing to note about this machine is its noise level. The grinder is pretty loud, and while this won’t be a problem for most users, if you need a quiet grind in the morning it may not be the best choice. We have noticed that the sound from this grinder does carry a few rooms away.

Outside of these minor issues, we think this is a really solid option for anyone looking for a premium feature set at a price under $2,000. Give the DeLonghi Eletta Explore Espresso Machine a look today!


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