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Coffee, From Dusk 'til Dawn

Mar 8, 2009 · coffee · Legacy
Coffee, From Dusk 'til Dawn

One of the aspects of coffee that we dig the most is the interconnectedness across cultures and nations. As the second highest traded commodity, the buying and selling of this little bean is serious business for both farmers and connoisseurs -- and being on the consuming end of the spectrum, learning about the life and experiences of the folks who grow coffee has definitely deepened our appreciation for the brew. To that end, we found Zach Dyer's Java Enabled: Portrait of a Coffee Farmer very illuminating. Zach spent time working on a Mexican coffee farm and randomly found beans from that specific field in a DC coffee shop about a year later. The discovery inspired rumination on his experiences working with Braulia Lopez, a coffee farmer who supplements her income by driving a taxi in town. It's a wonderful snapshot of the life of a coffee farmer and a great read for java lovers everywhere.

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