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Coming Soon! Frieling Coffee Press Gear

Jan 7, 2011 · coffee maker · coffee makers · Legacy · new products
Coming Soon! Frieling Coffee Press Gear

In our quest to expand our available coffee presses to the best we can find, we ran across an insulated coffee maker by Frieling and their French Press timer. We love the design of the Frieling version -- simple, elegant with a smooth handle design that is attached only at the top of the carafe. We think it looks modern and classic at the same time (is that possible? Sure!) and will add a touch of sleekness to your coffee gear. Their Cilio timer has either a clip or magnet so you can attach it to your press and then set the clock -- no more wondering how long that java has been steeping! This is a great, worry-free way to ensure consistent coffee press extractions. We've tested 'em and are awaiting inventory, so if you're interested in picking them up as soon as they are in stock, you can sign up to receive an email on their respective product pages.

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