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Coming Soon! Sowden Soft Brew Coffee Maker

Jan 3, 2011 · coffee · coffee maker · coffee makers · Legacy · new products
Coming Soon! Sowden Soft Brew Coffee Maker

Last week, we brewed up a deliciously smooth cup of coffee using the Sowden Soft Brew -- and loved it so much that we knew we had to carry it! Featuring a unique microfilter, this coffee brewer can use almost any coarseness of coffee grind so that you can brew very different cups of coffee with the same maker. It would also make a great tea brewer, as well, and can be used for both hot and cold extractions. We just added it to our site and will be receiving inventory shortly, but you can sign up to get an email when it comes into stock if you want to jump on it all quick like. We'll also be performing more testing with it -- how different grinds taste, cold vs. hot extractions, etc. -- so watch for more updates as we play around with this saucy new little gadget.

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