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Commercial Customer Spotlight: Microsoft Data Platform Group

Apr 29, 2015 · coffee · superauto
Commercial Customer Spotlight: Microsoft Data Platform Group

Continuing our with attached multi-fridge option so we can serve both skim milk and 2%. Additionally, we added a large milk refrigerator and cabinet with beans right next to the machines so our employees can refill consumables themselves.

ANY ADVICE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? We had to buy a second machine to keep up with the demand. We decided to set them up right next to each other rather than distributing them throughout the building because they act as our proverbial water coolers and are a destination in the building where the team members congregate and connect.
Our main advice would be to install the machines over a compost bin so that the grounds can fall into a large receptacle rather than into the little drawer within the machine, which fills up quickly. Also, additional labeling was applied to inform people whom to contact if there is an issue with the machine and to push the milk cartons all the way back in the milk refrigerator to register their presence.
We are so happy that the folks over at Microsoft are getting great use of their new machines! Cheers!

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