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Cooking with Kaylie: Wafflegato

Nov 6, 2012 · espresso · Legacy
Cooking with Kaylie: Wafflegato

We’ve all heard of an affogato: Drop a scoop of ice cream in a glass and pull a shot over it. Delicious and refreshing! However, it has very little to do with combining food and coffee, which is my overarching mission in life. So, what would you say if I told you I recently made a wafflegato? Your first question might be, 'What’s a wafflegato?' Well, it’s basically an affogato with the added amazingness of a Belgian waffle. Mmmm-hmmmm, I went there! Ingredients

  • Place a large scoop of ice cream into a glass (I like the larger Bodum glasses for this, as it gives some room for the waffle!).
  • Pull 2 shots directly into the glass, over the ice cream.
  • Drizzle with caramel sauce and situate the waffle into the cup.
Now use your waffle to soak up some of that delicious espresso and ice cream mixture. I'm very proud to say that I've finally busted down the stigma surrounding eating ice cream for breakfast. Waffles and espresso somehow make it all okay … in my head, at least!

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