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Cream, Sugar and....Salt?

Dec 31, 2008 · Legacy · recipes
Cream, Sugar and....Salt?

We love to adulterate our favorite brew with all manner of sauces, syrups and additives -- we've even been known to throw a little bit of cayenne into the mix. But salt isn't something that comes readily to mind when we're concocting a new espresso recipe. Cut to the Taiwanese, who are going gaga over 'Salt Coffee' -- brewed coffee topped off with two layers of milk and cream infused with sea salt. The craze was inspired by their current mass-love for all things sea salt because of its higher mineral content and improved health benefits over regular table salt. 85 Degree Bakery Cafe, Taiwan's largest coffee chain, developed the idea and imbibers report that it's not so much a salty brew, it's just a heightened taste sensation...which makes sense, given salt's uncanny ability to accentuate the positive in nearly every other flavor. We're heading to the testing lab to develop a salt coffee recipe of our own!

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