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Crew Review: Airscape Storage Containers

Sep 8, 2010 · accessories · coffee · how-to · Legacy · new products · reviews · videos
Crew Review: Airscape Storage Containers

Oxygen may be our friend, but it has no love for the coffee bean. Once you open up your bag of freshly roasted beans, the air starts to dry them out, causing them to go stale over time. It's downright degrading!

You can keep 'em fresher and yummier by storing them in airtight containers and there are a few different options on the market for doing this -- plastic storage containers, battery operated vacuum gadgets and now the Airscape. We dig this new addition because it's lo-fi and definitely not going to break down or run out of batteries over time. It's also rather fetching and available in a variety of colors (not just pea green like the 70's era Tupperware you've previously been rocking).

Watch Gail as she show us how these work (not complicated) and talks about how much volume these guys can hold.

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