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Crew Review: Brewista 1.2L Variable Temperature Kettle

Dec 26, 2016 · coffee · kettle · pourover · review
Crew Review: Brewista 1.2L Variable Temperature Kettle

How Does It Compare?

Quit standing around waiting for water to boil. With the Brewista 1.2L Variable Temperature Kettle, you can program it to automatically turn on at 6:30am sharp at 205 degrees. Your hot water is ready to pour on the dot, cutting your brewing time in half. Featuring a gooseneck spout and temperature control, the Brewista has the same precision and capabilities we love from the Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle. Both kettles are designed to improve the accuracy of your pour and extract grounds for the best brew. But, that said, the Brewista has that extra auto-on feature really has us head over heels! [caption id="attachment_14157" align="alignnone" width="1080"] The Brewista Kettle features a gooseneck spout and temperature control perfect for brewing pour over.[/caption]

Time-Saving Features

It’s about time there’s a kettle that wakes up before you do! When you program the Brewista 1.2L Variable Temperature Kettle auto-on feature it reaches the desired temperature at the exact time it’s programmed. Instead of waiting for it to warm up, this intelligent kettle knows when to start heating to be on time—showing off its time management skills! Now, if only all our mornings were that easy. Bonus: The kettle will stay warm for one hour, so it’s ready whenever you are! On top of that, the Brewista’s effortless temperature and time controls make it an enjoyable experience to program. Simply press the program (PROG) button and it’ll cycle through the clock, program time and temperature. Pro Tip: The Brewista’s settings are quick to learn. To change the time, use the plus to change the hour and the minus to change the minutes. [caption id="attachment_14158" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Program the Brewista to automatically turn at at 6am sharp![/caption]

Precision Control

Gooseneck kettles offer precision control thanks to a thin, curved spout that restricts the flow of water and a tapered opening to control the direction of the pour. The Brewista's bottom-mounted spout ensures every last drop of hot water is poured without tipping it upside down. Now, we know on the outside it looks like the spout isn’t at the bottom, but that's because there's a heating element integrated into the brewer. Speaking of the heating element, there’s a couple of pros and cons we’ve stumbled upon. With the Brewista filled to the 1.2-liter max, it’s heavy and cumbersome to pour. That said, a large heating element does make the Brewista quick to heat up! We especially love this for brewing multiple cups or on larger pour over coffee makers.

Designed For Pour Over

Did you know that there’s also a built-in timer? When the Brewista 1.2L Variable Temperature Kettle is off the base, you can time your bloom and brew! Just press the plus button and it'll start the clock. With a gooseneck spout, temperature control and timer, the Brewista kettle is the perfect all-in-one accessories for pour over. That said, when you take the Brewista kettle on or off the base, it resets the settings. So, if you're using the timer, leave the kettle off the base. And if you want to reheat the Brewista kettle, just press the keep warm button to bring it back up to the temperature.

Sleek Style

Outfitted in sturdy stainless steel, the Brewista 1.2L Variable Temperature Kettle looks as sophisticated as it works. The metal build retains heat for a few hours, and with a large 1.2-liter capacity, the Brewista kettle can pour about eight 5-ounce cups of hot coffee! While 1.2-liters is a modest size, what makes the Brewista kettle look bigger is the large heating element, which adds about two inches extra to its height. That said, it’s still only 9.75-inches tall, easily clearing cabinets! The compact design easily fits into small spaces like office break rooms or apartment counters. Other features we love are the matte black plastic handle and lid that keep cool to the touch, ensuring you can hold your kettle comfortably. If you’re heating water to the recommend 195 to 205 degrees, the plastic components are a huge benefit! And, as an added bonus, the handle is ergonomically designed for your hand to grip pleasantly.


The Brewista 1.2L Variable Temperature Kettle is an intelligent brewer designed a gooseneck spout and temperature control perfect for improving your pour over technique. Hands down, the best feature of the Brewista kettle has to be the built-in auto-on functionality! Who wouldn’t love to wake up to a kettle ready to brew?

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