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Crew Review: Brewista vs Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle

Dec 29, 2016 · coffee · comparison · kettle · review
Crew Review: Brewista vs Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle


How Does It Compare?

Water temperature is one of the most important variables for brewing coffee! That’s why we’re smitten with these two electric kettles, the The Bonavita Kettle features intuitive buttons and digital display to easily program your temperature settings.[/caption]

Automatic Heating Feature

If you need your jolt of java to get the day started, you’re not alone! With the Brewista 1.2L Variable Temperature Kettle, your hot water is ready as soon as you hit snooze. It automatically turns on at your programmed time. If you get up at 6:00am sharp, set it the night before and the kettles hot and waiting. The Brewista will hold the temperature warm for up to an hour before cooling off. Needless to say, we’re in love with the Brewista!

Designed For Pour Over

Pour over enthusiast know that a good kettle is important for manual brewing coffee, and part of a good kettle is in the design. Designed with a gooseneck spout, both the Brewista 1.2L Variable Temperature Kettle and Bonavita 1L Gooseneck Variable Temperature Kettle offer precision control while pouring. The long, slender opening restricts the flow, so you can evenly wet grounds. The results are coffee that is perfectly extracted! But, that’s not all these kettles have in the design. Both electric have a built-in timer to watch your bloom and brew time, essential for making a good cup! And, it’s easy to activate on both kettles. Simply remove the Brewista and Bonavita from their control bases and hit the plus sign to start the countdown.

Style & Size

Control over your pour is also affected by the disruption of weight in the kettle. When you first pick up these kettles, there’s hardly anything to talk about. But add water and it’s clear the Brewista is heavier in the hand. To compensate, the Brewista features an ergonomic handle that counterbalances the weight. What makes the Brewista heavier is the heating element. You can see the Brewista’s bottom-mounted gooseneck is about two inches from the base from the heater—coincidentally it is also about two inches taller than the Bonavita. That said, the Brewista holds about 7-ounces more than the Bonavita. That’s almost two cups of coffee!


One day, you might peer down into the bottom of your kettle and notice a cluster of colored spots—don’t worry, it’s totally natural! Those spots usually mean it’s time to descale. You’ve heard us say this before for your coffee machine and your kettle is no different! When hot and cold water mix, it causes scale to build up. Both electric kettles will get some build up eventually. To clean it out, grab some descale solution and run a cycle. Voila! Your kettle will look good as new!


If you’re looking to perfect your pour over technique, check out the Brewista 1.2L Variable Temperature Kettle and Bonavita 1L Gooseneck Variable Temperature Kettle. Both electric kettles maintain the programmed temperature to eliminate one variable of your pour over—or any other brew method! While these kettles shine as a pour over accessories thanks to the gooseneck spout, other coffee makers like your French press or AeroPress will benefit from controlled brewing temperature. Hey, you can even use it for your ramen! Sky’s the limits!

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