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Crew Review: Compak K10 Conic Fresh

Jan 30, 2012 · grinders · how-to · Legacy · new products · reviews · videos
Crew Review:  Compak K10 Conic Fresh

Look, you know we don't judge. In general, we are open minded, supportive and care about you finding the right equipment for you. We often say that we don't have a horse in that race -- the most important thing to us is that you end up with equipment that helps you make coffee that you love at home. But if we're going to throw that all to the wayside and pressure you into anything, it's going to be the ridiculously awesome Compak K10 Conic Fresh grinder. You know that the grinder is the thing and this grinder is the serious thing. Watch Gail take us through the features and specs, then demonstrate how this big bad grinder performs. Yow!!

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