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Crew Review: Curtis WB5GT Digital Hot Water Dispenser

Jun 24, 2013 · coffee makers · Legacy
Crew Review: Curtis WB5GT Digital Hot Water Dispenser

With the rise in popularity of pour over bars in cafes all over the world, delivering high volumes of hot water at a specific temperature can be a bit of a challenge. Similarly, tea houses need to be cognizant of the different ideal brew temps for the variety of teas they sell, and using traditional kettles doesn't always meet a business' needs. That's where an awesome hot water tower like the WB5GT by Curtis comes in. With its programmable temperature, five gallon water tank and agitation pump (which provides continuous aeration so that your water never tastes stagnant or stale), you can brew cup after cup of delicious coffee or tea without waiting for the kettle to boil. Watch Brandon take us through all of its features and demonstrate its functionality.

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