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Crew Review: Espro Press - 10 Cup

Jun 19, 2012 · coffee · coffee maker · coffee makers · how-to · Legacy · new products · reviews · videos
Crew Review: Espro Press - 10 Cup

There is a camp, in which Gail squarely resides, that doesn't dig the silt often found with coffee press preparations. Others of us love the roughage (!), but if you're one with Gail, then you're one with Espro's very popular coffee press, which features an additional micro filter that greatly reduces the sediment at the bottom of the cup. The only complaint we ever received about these presses was that it was too small, so we were clearly excited to learn about the introduction of the 10 cup version! It produces roughly 40 oz. overall, so keep that in mind when measuring out your final brew capacity. Watch as Gail takes on this bad boy for the first time.

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