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Crew Review: Hario V60 Pour Over Tools

Jul 17, 2013 · Legacy
Crew Review: Hario V60 Pour Over Tools

When we first encountered the Hario V60 pour overs a few years ago, we were simultaneously entranced and intimidated by the artful precision with which the brewer crafted one of the smoothest cups of coffee we'd ever tasted. With some time, patience, experimentation and a lot of practice, however, we developed our own approach to our V60 prep ... in fact, we love it so dearly now, we felt it was time to put it up on a pedestal. Luckily for us, Hario USA released some new tools -- including a modern acrylic stand -- that gave us the opportunity to increase both the precision and the art of our pour. Watch Bunny and Teri show off the new Drip Station, Drip Scale and Glass Server from Hario. Pick up each of these separately or combine them together for a beautiful and sophisticated pour over setup.

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