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Crew Review: Keurig Mini Gourmet Single Cup Brewing System

Nov 15, 2008 · coffee · Legacy
Crew Review: Keurig Mini Gourmet Single Cup Brewing System

We love drip coffee just as much as we adore espresso and just recently tried out Keurig's Mini Gourmet Single Cup Brewing System. We've tested Keurig's other models and while they feature larger water tanks, the Mini is wonderfully compact and a great option for kitchens (or offices!) that have limited counter space. The single cup system features a very simple-to-use one-touch design: Press to open, insert your favorite K-Cup capsule, close the capsule portion and the back pops open to prompt you to fill with water for your 8 oz. cup. It brews in 3 minutes and is great for offices because it allows you to brew different kinds of coffees, teas and even hot cocoas, instead of sticking everyone with the same old pot of coffee. The Keurig comes with a variety pack of 10 K-Cups to get you started, so it makes a great gift. Additionally, if you have a special favorite coffee, tea or cocoa blend, the reusable My K-Cup allows you to turn it into a compatible capsule. Overall, we think the Keurig Mini is easy-to-use, has tasty options, leaves a lot of open counterspace and is a great value.

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