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Crew Review: Krups EA9000 - Barista One-Touch

Nov 19, 2013 · accessories · Legacy
Crew Review: Krups EA9000 - Barista One-Touch

There was a time when we thought we'd never see some of our SCG crew mates again. They had fired up the new Krups EA9000 in our kitchen studio one morning and we didn't see them for hours. When we did see them much later in the afternoon, they walked around with the glassy-eyed daze often seen on neophyte converts of rather concerning religious or political movements; their world had been irrevocably changed by the simple gesticulation of a steam wand. And gesticulate it does! While one-touch cappuccino machines have been on the market for several years now, and there are a variety of ways that manufacturers have devised to produce them (carafes, steaming tubes, elves,) the Krups EA9000's technology is rather unique. Instead of pulling milk from another container and putting it through a steaming process, you actually start with the desired amount of milk in your serving cup and a steam wand arrives via a complicated system of pulleys and robots (or something) to steam and froth your milk for as long as you like. This produces not only some of the best steamed milk we've seen on a one-touch, it produces the hottest because you can program it when to stop. In addition to its unique steam wand functionality, it also has the ability to program several unique users, within which you can set your own set of customer, personalized drinks. There's so much to this machine that it's hard to know when to stop, but thankfully, it has a very forthright menu that succinctly guides you in basically every operation it performs. Watch as Gail takes us through the Krups EA9000, then takes it through its paces!

Crew Review: Krups EA9000

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