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Crew Review: La Marzocco Stainless Steel Portafilter

May 4, 2012 · la marzocco · Legacy · new products · reviews · videos
Crew Review: La Marzocco Stainless Steel Portafilter

Portafilter cleanliness is one of our favorite subjects around here, but we have noticed that the regular soaking and scrubbing of the chrome-plated brass versions adversely affects their finish over time. What was once shiny and beautiful becomes dark black and the chrome plating can even begin to wear down. For heavy use environments, like cafes, this means that portafilter replacement is a standard cost of doing business, so La Marzocco created a stainless steel model aimed at decreasing that cost. Watch Gail demonstrate this stainless steel portafilter with breakaway spouts and show us how it holds up over several weeks of use without cleaning. She also compares it to a standard chrome-plated brass version, as well. These do cost a pretty penny, but could definitely be worth it for folks that do need to regularly replace their portafilters.


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