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Crew Review: Nespresso Inissia

Nov 21, 2014 · Legacy
Crew Review: Nespresso Inissia

Join Gail and Brendan as they discuss Gail's recent vacation! Wait, that's not what this video is about. Let's try that again. Join Gail and Brendan as they discuss the new Nespresso Inissia capsule machine! The smallest of the Nespresso bunch, the Inissia also comes in at the lowest capsule price point we've seen of $99. Easy to use, you simply drop the capsule into the brewing chamber and press a single button. Occasionally clean out the drip tray and empty your capsule "dregs" box for a crazy clean machine! If you're not into the factory settings (1.4 ounces for an espresso shot and 3.7 ounces for a lungo), you can program the buttons to your preferred volume. Simply hold the button and, when the shot gets to the volume of your liking, release the button. Volia - you've just programmed your Nespresso! Want to see the Nespresso Inissia in action? Just watch the video below!

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