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Crew Review: Osaka Coffee Cold Brew Dripper

Oct 31, 2016 · coffee · cold brew · review · summer
Crew Review: Osaka Coffee Cold Brew Dripper

How Does It Compare?

Chemistry 101: First Lesson. How to make cold brew. This retro chemistry set is the The Osaka Cold Drip Brewer's small footprint saves counter space.[/caption]


Fine-Tuned Control Stacked together like a set of Jenga blocks, the Osaka Cold Brew Dripper uses precise control during extraction. An adjustable flow rate spigot is located on the bottom of the reservoir. A quick turn of the dial Let it flow fast or slow and steady. The faster the flow, the brighter (and less concentrated) your cup will be. And when we say fast, it’s more like a faucet dribbling. If you were aiming for the classic slow drip cold brew taste, we recommend a drip rate around 1 drop per second. [caption id="attachment_13884" align="alignnone" width="1080"] The Osaka features a spigot to control the water flow.[/caption] Clean Cup Cold brew lovers value a clean cup of the good, strong stuff. The Osaka has a fine mesh filter made from sturdy stainless steel that’s easy to wash and reuse again and again. While it’ll keep all the coffee silt out of your cup, the mesh filter allows more oils to pass through than a traditional paper filter. As a result, the cup has more body. That said, the slow-drip makes a lighter concentrate than cold brewers like the Toddy. Depending on your taste, you’ll either love or hate this. We gave the Osaka a go with the Crew and it passed the taste test!


Space Saver We love a cold brewer that fits into our cabinets! Some models are big, clunky space hoggers (the Toddy comes to mind). Fortunately, the Osaka Coffee Cold Brew Dripper is only 10.5 inches tall and a whole six inches wide. Better yet, you can take the piece apart to fit into tighter spaces—come on, you can totally make that work! [caption id="attachment_13883" align="alignnone" width="1080"] The Osaka comes with a carafe, grounds container and water reservoir.[/caption] Size & Materials Since the Osaka Coffee Cold Brew Dripper is a small guy, it can only make a couple cups of coffee. It rocks about a 19-ounce chamber and small grounds basket. One of the only cons we hear from coffee connoisseurs is plastic and water. The Osaka features a glass carafe and a plastic water reservoir and grounds chamber, which would make some turn the other way. [caption id="attachment_13882" align="alignnone" width="1080"] The Osaka features a glass carafe.[/caption]


If you’re interested in trying a new way to brew, the Osaka Coffee Cold Brew Drip Brewer offers a novel brew profile in an adorably small package. Share your favorite slow-drip recipes in the comments below.

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