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Crew Review: Osaka Coffee Stainless Steel Cone Filters

Dec 12, 2016 · coffee · crew review · filters · reviews
Crew Review: Osaka Coffee Stainless Steel Cone Filters

How Does It Compare?

Tired of tossing away paper coffee filters? So were we! We picked up one of Osaka’s stainless steel cone filters to satisfy our pour over addiction. Goodbye, paper filters. Hello, reusable, eco-conscious and dishwasher safe Osaka filters! How much better does it get? It gets better. Osaka has two styles! The first style is the The Filter Cone version has a base and hand-hold to place right in your cup.[/caption]

Filter & Grind Size

So, how does it work? The double-layered stainless steel cone filters keep out the grit, that you’d expect from coffee presses, and lets the rich flavor of oils in—a lot of oils actually. With our brew, we noticed the fatty mouthfeel from the oils were present in our cup. And we know some people will love that! That is one of the features of a reusable filter. One major difference when using these stainless steel cone filters is the grind size. You’ll want the grind size bigger than what you’d use for a Chemex. If you’re trying to picture what that looks like, try sea salt-sized grounds. [caption id="attachment_14097" align="alignnone" width="1080"] The rubber lip creates a safe seal to use with your Chemex or V60.[/caption]


Maintaining these stainless steel cone filters is a breeze thanks to its durable design. Made from stainless steel—as the name implies—they pop right into the dishwasher. Or give it a quick rinse under the tap when you’re done brewing! If you leave used coffee in it too long, watch out for caked-on oils and grounds. We recommend cleaning it as soon as you can.


Maybe you don’t want to get rid of your paper filters. That’s ok, it’s never bad to have one of these Osaka stainless steel cone filters on retainer! If you ever run out of paper filters, the Osaka’s got your back.

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