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Crew Review: Technivorm H741 / K741 - Redux!

Jul 16, 2013 · coffee makers · Legacy
Crew Review: Technivorm H741 / K741 - Redux!

With the same internal heating technology of some of its more feature-laden counterparts, the H741 / K741 coffee maker from Technivorm is a bit more budget-friendly. While it doesn't have mid-brew interrupt or the ability to slow down the brew for smaller yields, it still produces a delicious cup of coffee. You may be asking why we're giving you two model names ...well, Technivorm USA has this model listed as the K741 on their website and product lists, but the boxes we receive are labeled H741 ... from what we can tell, they're functionally identical, but we wanted to speak to both models so that, as you were doing your research, you'd be know that people were talking about the same one. If we learn anything more / different, we'll definitely do an update. In the meantime, learn more about the K741 / H741 during Gail's refresh of our crew review and demonstration video.

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