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Crew Review: Technivorm KBT741 - Redux!

Aug 16, 2013 · coffee maker · Legacy
Crew Review: Technivorm KBT741 - Redux!

Yes, we've been hitting the Technivorm's hard lately, but that's just because we wanted to refresh all of our reviews and give you the latest and the greatest SCG crew perspective on these popular coffee makers. So please don't be annoyed that today's post covers yet another Technivorm review -- this time, it's one of the first model styles that we carried, the KBT741. The KBT741 features a large (40 oz) thermal carafe and the tried-and-true manual lever that allows you to slow down the brew for smaller yields, if necessary. Other than that, it has the same, awesome build quality and copper heating element, so produces exceptional coffee for you and everyone you love. Watch Gail take us through how it works and then show us its brew process by making a pot of coffee!

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