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Crew Review: Technivorm KBTS - Redux!

Aug 9, 2013 · coffee maker · Legacy
Crew Review: Technivorm KBTS - Redux!

The next Technivorm model up for a refreshed Crew Review is the more petite lil' guy that they have available, the KBTS. While their other models offer 10 cups (at 4 oz. apiece), the KBTS brews up 8 cups (also at 4 oz. apiece) so is a great choice for those that want a thermal carafe and a smaller yield. Other than that, however, it's technically similar to its larger brethren -- copper elements and excellent build quality -- and the coffee it produces is similarly tasty. Watch Gail guide us through its features and then demonstrates how easily it crafts a delicious pot o' java.

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