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Crew Review: DeLonghi Magnifica S Cappuccino Smart

Sep 5, 2016 · coffee · delonghi · espresso · superauto
Crew Review: DeLonghi Magnifica S Cappuccino Smart

How Does It Compare?

Say hello to the The DeLonghi Magnifica S Smart Cappuccino includes the LatteCrema system previously sported by DeLonghi's high-end machines.[/caption] The simplistic interface makes selecting our espresso drink an effortless experience. It takes a little more finessing than a digital display but there are not a lot of customization options to tweak anyway. In fact, the only thing we’re missing on the Magnifica Smart is the programmability we’ve seen on previous models like the Eletta and Magnifica S. It lacks the auto-on functionality, brew temperature setting and drink profiles we’ve come to adore. But, for such a compact espresso machine, the Magnifica Smart pulls out consistent drinks that’ll have you coming back for more.


The DeLonghi Magnifica S Cappuccino Smart makes consistent, smooth cups largely thanks to its modestly designed menu options. The menu features two milk-based and three espresso drinks with only minor customizability. One feature we can customize is the coffee strength, which features three options that increase the dosage up to 3-grams of extra grounds—an impressive feat for a small machine! There’s also an X2 button that increases the espresso volume to a double shot over the standard single-ounce pour. Unlike similar Saeco models, DeLonghi’s brew group doesn’t grind and brew twice, but instead increases the dosing in their brew chamber and pulls more water through this extra-sized puck. With the swimming pool-sized 61-ounce water tank, it’s no problem pulling a double shot for our latte! [caption id="attachment_13743" align="alignnone" width="1080"] The DeLonghi Magnifica S Smart Cappuccino features a simple interface for early risers.[/caption] If you want more control over your coffee, the Magnifica Smart also features an adjustable grinder that’s designed with stepped settings to easily dial in each time. It only took us a couple of shots to find the ideal setting! There’s also the bypass doser if you prefer pre-ground coffee or if you want to switch up your beans.


The LatteCrema, a feature usually only found on DeLonghi's high end Primadonna line, has been added to every machine in their lineup! And the results speak for themselves, the milk frothing system outshines other machines at this price range. This is especially impressive since carafes are generally a “one-foam-fits-all.” The DeLonghi Magnifica S Cappuccino Smart carafe features three icons for fine microfoam to dry, foamy cappuccinos—better yet, you can turn the dial between icons for more frothing options. [caption id="attachment_13746" align="alignnone" width="1080"] The LatteCrema system has three milk foam options to create creamy lattes or fluffy cappuccinos.[/caption] Milk volume is another programmable feature we wish we had; however, we can hit the Brew button again to stop frothing. Another option for milk volume is using one of two milk-drink icons, cappuccino or latte, featured in the menu. Cappuccinos traditionally use less steamed milk and more foam while a latte is more milk and less foam. Combined with the carafe dial—that you’ll want to adjust separately—you can perfect your ideal cup in no time.


The DeLonghi Magnifica S Cappuccino Smart packs in features without sacrificing valuable counter space. The 16-ounce milk carafe and 10-ounce bean hopper keep the lattes flowing—we whipped up four lattes before pouring more milk! Depending on the amount of espresso and foam, you can easily make drinks for the Sunday brunch crowd. Oh and we can’t forget how simple it is to select different drinks and customizing the milk froth—so, brunch at your place? [caption id="attachment_13747" align="alignnone" width="1080"] The Smart features a hefty water tank for such a machine with a small footprint![/caption] When you’re done making lattes on the Magnifica Smart, cleanup is a breeze thanks to its automatic rinse cycle. There is also a clean cycle on the carafe dial that activates when in position to remove excess milk—we’re in love! Or if you still have milk, the carafe is removable to store in the fridge for later. One quirk of the DeLonghi lineup is if you want to clean the brew group, you have to make sure it’s not engaged in coffee mode to remove it.


If you’re looking for a superautomatic that can make silky lattes or foamy cappuccinos, the DeLonghi Magnifica S Cappuccino Smart is your machine! Built with the LatteCrema system and one-touch technology, delicious espresso is only a touch away. Tell us what you think of the Magnifica Smart in the comments below and be sure to check back next week for another Crew Review!

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