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Diletta Bello+ Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine Crew Review

Sep 7, 2023 · coffee · diletta · espresso · reviews · semi-automatic
Diletta Bello+ Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine Crew Review

The Diletta Bello+ is the newest espresso innovation from Diletta, arriving just in time for the upcoming holiday season. This machine takes many of the features of the now classic Bello and elevates them with a smarter eco mode and PID controller. The Diletta brand is our in-house label, so we're obviously fans of the machines, but we pride ourselves on this brand because its products exemplify what we'd like to see in the marketplace. As such, we're uncompromising on the quality of the Diletta line, but we still want to help you decide if it's a good fit for your kitchen!

The Original Bello

If you're not familiar with the Bello, then we'd like to change that. The original Diletta Bello is an excellent machine that offers E61 style espresso brewing at an affordable price. The machine combines a lot of the elements of more expensive premium machines with rock solid build quality and smooth workflow. We recommend the Bello to anyone looking to make a splash with their first machine, or for those seeking a higher end upgrade. On top of the great features, performance, and build quality of the Bello, it's also a looker. With a number of beautiful color options, this machine is built to fit your kitchen aesthetic. Finally, there's the Bello's environmentally conscious design. Its built in eco mode it will move to a low power mode after it sits idle. This helps lower power bills, and lower your environmental impact. Ultimately, the Diletta Bello is something we're very proud of. We worked hard to build something that would work great for you, last a long time, and remain affordable. We're happy to say that the original Bello was a success, and we're thrilled about the new Bello+.

What's New

The Bello+ takes everything we love about the original Bello to the next level. For starters, the new version retains the build quality, hands-on workflow, and gorgeous look of the original Bello. On top of this, it adds a slew of features with its new PID controller. Unlike some machines, the PID controller is managed with a digital display on the face of the Bello+. This simple operation makes it easy to adjust your brew temperatures, a sought after feature for growing espresso enthusiasts. This easy control isn't the only benefit of the PID control display. The digital readout allows you to manage pre-infusion settings, and even acts as a shot timer. Finally, you can use it to manage the Bello+'s upgraded eco mode. The original Bello's eco mode works by shutting off the boiler after a set amount of time. This is a great way to avoid using too much power when you're not using your machine. Unfortunately, this means that you have to wait for the machine to heat up more when you're ready to brew. The new Bello+ eco mode works a little differently. Instead of shutting off the boiler, the new mode holds temperature at 165f so that it can heat quickly when you're ready to pull a shot. You can control how long it takes for the mode to kick in with the PID controller display. In addition to this innovation, the Bello+ also features a larger, redesigned drip tray, and does it all while retaining the footprint and case size of the original model.

Who's it For?

So who is this new model of Bello for? Well, lots of users! We still think the Bello is an excellent option for many customers, but the Bello+ offers tangible improvements. You'll find that as you get used to using semi-automatic machines that you want the nuance that a PID controller offers. Being able to adjust temperatures will allow you to experiment more with your espresso, a great option for enthusiasts. The Bello+'s upgraded eco mode is also excellent, and create loads of value for serious users along with the temperature control, pre-infusion programming, and shot timing. One of our favorite parts of this whole equation is the price. The Bello+ offers many high-end features at a more affordable price than competitors. Much like the Bello offering an affordable path to brewing with an E61 machine, the Bello+ comes in at around $500 less than similar competitors. The best part? We achieved this without cutting corners or reducing the quality of the machine. It's difficult to find an espresso enthusiast we wouldn't recommend the Diletta Bello+ to, and we sincerely hope you['ll give it a look for your next upgrade. Want to see the machine in action? Check out our video spot below and stay tuned for our video review!

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