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Drip? Press? Pour Over? How to Find the Right Coffee Brewing Method for You

Feb 28, 2022 · coffee · cold brew · drip · education · espresso · pour over · press
Drip? Press? Pour Over? How to Find the Right Coffee Brewing Method for You

It’s been a while since we talked about how to effectively pick out a brew method that works for you, so we thought it might be time to revisit that topic! Read on for tips on how to choose a coffee making method for you.

Pour Over

You might like pour over if you like lighter drinks like tea. While pour over offers stronger, bolder flavors than tea, it is also more delicate. You tend to get more of a coffee’s brighter, fruitier flavors from this brew method. It takes some practice and effort to do properly, so it’s worth checking out some videos of a pour over being made to see if it’s a brew method for you.


Press brewing is big, bold, and earthy. This immersion brew method emphasizes roasty, smokey flavors along with notes like dark chocolate. It can taste quite strong to some, but if you like darker, heavier body it might be perfect for you. Press coffee also takes minimal effort, with the hardest part being cleaning the press itself. This can make it a good daily drink!


Drip coffee making is many people’s first experience with our favorite beans. Drip coffee is balanced, but full bodied, and it’s very easy to make. Just make sure you use quality beans and a quality brewer so that you don’t end up with a scorched cup.


Espresso is a rich, syrupy brew method that is strong but satisfying. A common misconception is that espresso is bitter and hard to drink. In reality, espresso should be smooth, sweet, and rich. That richness can be off putting, but it should shouldn’t be hard to drink. If you do try espresso, it’s important to try it with frothed milk in a latte or cappuccino, and with water in an americano, as these ways to drink espresso can take the method from one you don’t enjoy to your favorite!

Cold Brew

Cold brew is a tasty chilled treat that involves immersion brewing coffee overnight in a brewer or other vessel. Typically brewed as a concentrate to be mixed with water, cold brew is very strong but quite delicious. You’ll get some of the notes you’d expect from a pour over, but more intense and chilled. We know these are brief overviews of these different methods, but we hope they help give you some ideas for your next step on your coffee journey!

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