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Seattle Coffee Gear Rewards: Get Rewarded For Drinking Coffee!

Jun 4, 2016 · coffee · news · scg
Seattle Coffee Gear Rewards: Get Rewarded For Drinking Coffee!

Program Review

The Seattle Coffee Gear Rewards program is designed to reward coffee lovers like you with, you know, more coffee. Once you create an account, the savings are automatically stored in your SCG Rewards. We made it easy to see how much you’ll make by including the points earned under eligible products on the website. Rewards are earned with each purchase on eligible products after all the discounts (coupons, store credit, rewards, gift cards) and other deductions are applied. We’re pretty open here at Seattle Coffee Gear, but you already knew that from our videos and blog. As with any Rewards Program, we have rules to keep it fair and keep all the caffeinated goodness flowing.


  • You can earn and redeem points with each purchase
  • See estimated points that will be earned on product purchases before buying
  • Points are earned on the total purchase after discounts and deductions


  • Easily redeem points at checkout for maximum savings
  • Points will expire after 365 days from the date of earning
  • Gift cards expire after 90 days from issued date

Point System

The minimum value of rewards points before a gift card is issued is currently 250 points or a $5 balance. Once you reach the minimum—that’s an easy feat to achieve in the 365 days—you can use your rewards to purchase all the caffeinated goodness you desire. If you’re wondering what 250 points look like in products, that’s about two months worth of coffee and some cleaning supplies—coffee friends, descale those machines for the freshest coffee! We swear by our (more than) gently used office Technivorm that when we clean it, the coffee’s just oh-so-good. After 35 days, recent purchase points will go into your Rewards stash until $5 is reached. Ready points will be sent as a digital gift card to your email in increments of five. On orders that exceed the minimum $5 value, you’ll be issued one gift card with your balance, but in increments of five. For example, a rewards balance of $54.50 will send a gift card with a $50 value. The remaining $4.50 will remain in your Rewards until the minimum $5 balance or 250 points is met.

Can points expire?

Points currently expire 365 days after the date they are earned. Issued gift cards expire 90 days after they are sent to you. We recommend saving support@seattlecoffeegear.com to your address book to ensure your gift cards are received in your inbox.

Sign Up

To start earning SCG Rewards, sign up for an account. Yep, that’s it! Once you sign up, Reward Points will automatically accrue with each purchase whether you’re in store or online—make sure you’re logged in to earn those points, though! Or, on the off chance you don’t wish to participate in SCG Rewards, you can opt-out at the time you sign up for an account or contact our support time. We’re all treats and no tricks here—we’ve included everything we think you’ll need to know to take advantage of the sweet savings. We want to honor our fellow coffee fiends by creating a rewards system that helps you save in the long run and satisfy that caffeine craving.

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