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Espresso Grinder Comparison: Rocket Espresso Faustino 3.1 Vs. Faustino Classic

Apr 22, 2023 · coffee · comparison · espresso · grinder · review · rocket
Espresso Grinder Comparison: Rocket Espresso Faustino 3.1 Vs. Faustino Classic

Eagle eyed espresso fans will notice that Rocket Espresso Faustino recently received an upgrade with the 3.1 model. We've talked a bit about this coffee grinder update in the past, but let's take another look at what the new version brings to the table!

Similar Look, New Feel

One of the bigger upgrades on the 3.1 is the vibrant new screen. The original Faustino's screen wasn't as bright or easy to read as many more modern machines and grinders. Rocket Espresso has solved this with the 3.1 model, bringing a much more visually pleasing and readable display.

Rocket Espresso has also moved away from the Appartamento inspired side cutout with the Faustino 3.1's Black and Chrome options. While some may be disappointed by this change, it allows for more aesthetic versatility. These colors still look great next to a Rocket Espresso machine, but now it fits a little more with a wider variety of coffee setups. You can get the classic cutouts with the Copper and White choices.

Improved Feature Set

The biggest improvements to the Faustino 3.1 come in the form of its new programming features. With the new screen, Rocket Espresso has added a third pre-programmed grind setting. This comes in addition to the programming being a bit easier to work with in the first place. While one new setting may not seem like much, it can be a real help if you like lots of different drink styles. Instead of just single and double shot options, now you can include a special option for a ristretto or lungo.

We love the flexibility that this third setting offers, and it gets better too. On the previous Faustino continuous grinding could be a bit unwieldy. The new 3.1 model has a small button you can press with a portafilter - just like most other espresso grinders. This makes actually starting your grind much easier. It's a nice improvement to workflow that solves the biggest issue the old model had.

On the Inside

The inside of this grinder is quite similar to what's in the previous model. A stepless grind adjust gives you a high degree of precision when dialing in your grind. This is important for a high end coffee or espresso grinder, because it lets you get the exact flavor and shot time you're looking for.

The Faustino 3.1 also features 50 mm flat steel burrs, which make quick work of your coffee beans. These burrs also offer a high degree of consistency, something that's very important when grinding for espresso.

Finally, the case has seen some upgrades in terms of sound insulation. By removing the side cutouts you get a slightly quieter grind, which is always a good thing.

Who's it For?

So is the Faustino 3.1 worth an upgrade if you already have a Faustino? We're not sure. If you're happy with your previous generation Faustino then it should still provide great grounds for a long time. If you like everything about it except for that touch screen, the 3.1 may be worth a look.

One thing is for certain, if you are shopping for your first prosumer espresso grinder, or looking for a replacement for an older competitor, the Rocket Espresso Faustino 3.1 is an excellent option.

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