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Top Three High-End Espresso Machines

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Top Three High-End Espresso Machines

The Round Up

Coffee connoisseurs, prepare to be awestruck by today’s Gear Guide picks for high-end espresso machines: the Nuova Simonelli Musica, Rocket Espresso R60V and La Marzocco GS/3. Crafted with advanced technology and finished in contemporary style, these semi-automatics are top of their class for good reasons! The Musica features a heat exchange boiler and electric flair—literally! You can order the Musica with light-up side panels. Next, the R60V draws its fame from a double boiler design and a programmable PID that features pressure profiling, an adjustable feature not found on many machines. Last to round out our list is the GS/3, built with commercial grade components that delivers precision shots—and it’s easy on the eyes! If you’re ready to invest in a top of the line espresso machine, then look no further than today’s top three. Go ahead—take the plunge!

Nuova Simonelli Musica

Beauty, brains and brawn—the Musica has it all! Nuova Simonelli is the official espresso machine provider for the World Barista Championship and famed for their impressive steam power. The Musica’s blessed with power and a four-hole tip steam wand to whips frothy milk in seconds. This is the only heat exchanger in the lineup, but rest assured the espresso comes out consistent and hot for the best shot. Plus, it’s equipped with programmable espresso buttons that coffee connoisseurs can enjoy setting and saving for their perfect brew. Lets not forget about the Musica’s electrifying looks! You can choose between the luxe lighting or stick with black accents. Both versions feature stainless steel casing and matching drip tray that exude 50s jukebox style—but just the style. This modern machine is built with electronic controls and user-friendly interface. Overall, a fantastic pick for high-end espresso machines!

Rocket Espresso R60V

Rocket Espresso has piloted home brewing into the modern age with advanced programmability, features and even a smartphone app. The R60V includes a programmable PID featuring—wait for it—pressure profiling! If you’re new to pressure profiling, this feature allows baristas to modulate pump pressure and duration. For example, you can set a pre-infusion pressure of two bars and then jump the brew pressure to a classic nine bars. Use the smartphone app or attached PID controller to program up to five pressure settings for three separate profiles—you can tinker and play without losing your best profiles! Dual stainless steel boilers work independently, so you call the shots for your espresso. You even have the option to plumb-in this machine to keep the espresso flowing—need we say more? Yes, we do! Hand-built by expert craftsman in Italy, each machine is a little unique in just the right way. There’s no denying that the R60V is a beautifully crafted machine featuring contemporary influence. It’s built with high-quality materials, an E-61 brew head, rotary pump and a heavy-duty 58mm portafilter. This is just another one of our high-end espresso machines that will make you feel like a barista in a cafe.

La Marzocco GS/3

Last on our list of high-end espresso machines is a machine built with dual stainless steel boilers, a customizable PID display and commercially-approved and NSF-rated components suited for light cafes and serious home setups alike. The La Marzocco GS/3 will have coffee connoisseurs head over heels. The enormous 3.5-liter steam boiler and 1.5-liter brew boiler will pull shot after shot and won’t run out thanks to a 3.5-liter water reservoir. Or, you can plumb-in this machine like both of our other picks for unlimited water! And with the PID, you can adjust each boiler to your desired temperature. Alongside the GS/3’s generous boilers are features like a quiet rotary pump that maintains a set volume and a saturated brew head that evenly extract grounds to produce consistent shots. And let’s not forget cappuccino or latte lovers! The traditional steam wand blasts powerful steam thanks to that big ol’ boiler and is a breeze to clean with a no-burn wand—just remember that it’ll still be hot!


There you have it—our top three picks for high-end espresso machines! We started off with the vibrant Nuova Simonelli Musica featuring lit side panels, a heat exchanger and Barista Championship-famous steam power. For baristas who love tweaking coffee parameters, the Rocket Espresso R60V comes equipped with a PID featuring pressure profiling for the ultimate customization. Lastly, La Marzocco knocked the socks off of coffee aficionados with the GS/3 that features two burly boilers and some impressive brewing components that help you pull more consistent shots. If you’re ready to up your espresso game, drop a hint by sharing this story on Facebook or Twitter!

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