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Top Three Superautomatic Espresso Machines

Sep 20, 2016 · coffee · espresso · superauto · top 3
Top Three Superautomatic Espresso Machines

The Round Up

Are you ready to enjoy espresso brewed at the touch of a button? We gathered our top three most popular superautomatic espresso machines; the Saeco Intelia Deluxe, Jura Impressa A9 One-Touch and Saeco Gran Baristo Avanti, that each has features for every coffee drinker. The joys of superautomatics are you don’t need to have any technicals skills to make coffee you love—that and coffee is on demand! The Intelia Deluxe is a fantastic entry-level machine with its simple interface and programmable espresso. While it's not a one-touch machine like the other two on this list, it features two milk frothing accessories that will work for the whole family. Our other two, the Jura Impressa A9 and Saeco Gran Baristo Avanti are one-touch wonders packed full of customizable drink options—just like ordering from your favorite cafe! Check out the ins and outs of our top three superautomatic espresso machines!

Staff Pick: Saeco Intelia Deluxe

The Intelia Deluxe has a lot going for it—two programmable espresso buttons, adjustable coffee dosages per shot and flexible steaming options—and that’s one of the features we dig the most! You have the freedom to interchange the cappuccinatore, an auto-frother, with a panarello-style steam wand. The benefit of a panarello is that you can add as much foam or heat as you desire. The ease of use made it our top machine as an entry-level superautomatic espresso machine. It has a digital display operated and programmed by well-marked buttons that the whole family can use! If your kids love hot chocolate, the Milk Froth button whips up the milk without the coffee. While our other two machines feature one-touch drinks, there’s a lot to love about the intuitive Intelia Deluxe.

Best Shots: Jura Impressa A9 One-Touch

Jura’s famed for their quality build and espresso—two features the A9 has! The A9 doses more grams per shot making a stronger cup of coffee than its competitors. That’s just the cherry on top of this machine. The A9 features a beautiful touchscreen display that offers fast customization and easy access to menus. This superautomatic makes classic favorites like lattes and cappuccinos and has over 12 coffee drink optins—something for everyone! The A9 uses a milk siphon system to froth delicious cappuccinos right into your cup! The one-touch design allows you to draw milk right from the carton. If you like having a removable carafe, Jura offers a stainless steel option or you can go bigger with one of Jura’s attachable milk fridges—great for small studios or hosting!

Features Galore: Saeco Gran Baristo Avanti

The last superautomatic espresso machine on our list is the Saeco Gran Baristo Avanti. It’s filled to the brim with features like pulse drip coffee, profile programming, one-touch drinks and a removable milk carafe. If you aren’t already frothing over this machine, the Avanti has a smartphone app that programs your espresso and milk down to the milliliter. Use the app to save your favorite drinks or select from traditional drinks like lattes and flat whites. The Avanti’s clean cut design and stainless steel casing complement home barista’s kitchens. While it has a slim profile, it’s a deep machine that might stick out from cabinets (seriously, it’s 19.3 inches long including the cord). That said, if you have space and desire the features, this is the perfect superautomatic espresso machine for you!


Casual coffee drinks and connoisseurs alike will find something they love with these top three superautomatic espresso machines. The Saeco Intelia Deluxe offers entry-level features and programming for every coffee lover while the Jura Impressa A9 packs in more coffee per shot and features a sleek touchscreen display. Last, but not least, the Saeco Gran Baristo Avanti knocked our socks off with great coffee and tons of customizable options to make coffee we loved. Find our more specs and details about each superautomatic espresso machine by visiting their product page!

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