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Handpresso with Domepod

Jan 9, 2010 · espresso · Legacy · new products
Handpresso with Domepod

We have dug the Handpresso for awhile now, because it's a simple and lo-fi way to pull a single shot on the road -- all you need is coffee, hot water and your own powerful strength! One thing that folks didn't dig about it, however, was that it was ESE pod-only, which had the pro of being very mess-free (great for travel) but a con of not being as good as freshly ground coffee. The machine was recently upgraded, however, with a new contraption called a Domepod, which will allow you to use your favorite fresh ground coffee. It's the same price and makes an excellent single shot of espresso on the go. It is a bit messier, however, so we suppose that -- like most things in life -- you gotta give a little to get a little.

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