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Holiday Coffee Culture

Dec 23, 2020
Holiday Coffee Culture

Coffee has evolved to be a major part of the holiday experience, and today we’re taking a look at some of the reasons why coffee may have become so important to the holidays!

Warm, Cozy, and Delicious!

Studies have shown that coffee consumption increases around the holidays, and there are a number of potential reasons for that! For starters, December is when many parts of the world (in the Northern Hemisphere of course!) start to get quite chilly. A nice hot coffee in the morning right after the sometimes unpleasant experience of waking up to a chilly home is a great way to start the day. Coffee is also a great accompaniment to a chilly walk to work or in the park. It’s also a cozy addition to a nice evening around the fireplace. And that’s another important note to mention - more free time! Many folks get at least a little bit of extra time off around the holidays. Not having to work or get to class the next morning makes that 4PM coffee just a little less dangerous! There’s also the need for a little extra kick when you’re busy preparing gifts, studying for your finals, or travelling (though we hope you’re enjoying a nice, safe staycation this year!). That last bit is another key factor - seeing family and friends. While we all may be cooped up inside this year, in “normal” years travel and gatherings are a key part of the holidays. Coffee is a drink with so many ways to prepare it, and so many unique flavors from roast to roast. When you think about it, it’s the perfect beverage to share with friends and family. And that’s part of why we see so many holiday roasts!

Holiday Roasting

It’s become a holiday tradition for specialty roasters to prepare holiday roasts for the season. This tradition is rooted in the fact that so many coffee notes fit the holidays so well. Flavors like citrus, chocolate, and baking spices provide a wonderful assortment of tastes for the season! We also see some interesting offshoots and more adventurous notes than you’d typically find in a basic blend. Since coffee is seasonal, all of this works out with the standard supply chain for the roasters and producers as well. Plus, there’s the exciting artwork that goes along with these seasonal blends! We often get extra fun bag art that adds a wonderful bit of extra character to these tasty roasts. There’s no doubt that coffee is an important part of the holidays. We hope you’re enjoying some coffee YOU love this year!

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