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Hot Blog On Bog Action: Coffee Your Way

Sep 24, 2013 · coffee · espresso · Legacy · tea
Hot Blog On Bog Action: Coffee Your Way

We are all for having fun brewing coffee and tea however you like it -- we love how personal/meaningful/medically necessary it is ... It can be all things to all people and we don't judge (except for my not-so-secret campaign to stop the current #pumpkinspicelatte craze but that's a whole different story). Here's some inside scoop on coffee, tea, and having it your way. Interview: Laila Ghambari, Caffe Ladro Director of Education (via Food GPS) Our coffee friends at local Seattle roastery Caffe Ladro focus on quality. We talked with Laila about how 'coffee culture is changing and progressing so rapidly' and how that effects everyone in the chain from growers to customers. She aims to make high quality coffee that is approachable to consumers -- without coffee elitism. Tea Cupping Versus Tea Tasting (via T Ching) Tea cupping is serious business. There are rules. Protocol. Necessary accoutrement. Yikes! But a tea tasting is a social get-together where you can break those rules and still have a lovely cup of tea ... your way. Tea Bags Get a Bad Rap, What's a Solo Sipper to do? (via Drink Tea) Be kind to yourself. If you drink tea, make it a good cup of tea. Pick loose leaf black tea, green tea, white tea, Oolong, Pue-erh or herbal blends that float your boat and have the right tools on hand for home, work or travel. Map of Seattle's Best Tea Houses (via Eater) We've gone to Cederberg Tea House before, see other places Brenna found around Seattle to tempt your tastebuds. Or re-create the tea house experience at home with these goodies. If you want a daily dose, we spill the beans about National Coffee Day 9/29, a coffee comic strip, cats that need coffee and other items of caffeinated interest on:

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