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Hot Blog on Blog Action: God Shot

Feb 17, 2010 · blogs · Legacy · news · reviews
Hot Blog on Blog Action: God Shot

One of the things we love most about coffee is all the different perspectives folks can have on it -- and, like anything that can engage some level of connoisseurship, those that enjoy it range from Folgers enthusiasts to those who love to analyze all the elements that go into a great cup. God Shot is a blog created by the latter, someone who has worked as a pro barista and really digs perfecting espresso as an art. While we have a deep and enduring love for coffee and all that it entails, we know we're not the place to turn to if you're looking for the defining principles of balance in espresso or a comprehensive analysis (parts one, two and three) of the state of coffee in San Francisco, but God Shot is. We appreciate the passion, the detailed assessment and the truly geeky nature of this blog -- and we think you will, too.

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