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How-To: SCG's Tune-up Kit for the Ascaso Dream & Dream UP

Jul 24, 2013 · Legacy
How-To: SCG's Tune-up Kit for the Ascaso Dream & Dream UP

While many relationships in life aren't exactly quid pro quo, if you take care of your espresso machine, it will definitely take care of you. Some hallmark signs that it's time to perform a thorough tune-up on your machine include leaking over the brew head, leaking from the steam wand and a decrease in either steam function or shot temperature. We've designed a series of tune-up kits that include descaling solution and the parts required for refreshing some of the most used parts on your trusty companion in caffeinated adventure -- things like gaskets, brew screens and o-rings. Our tech sherpa is the lovely Brendan, who has guided us already in the tune-up process for the Rancilio Silvia and the Saeco Aroma & Via Venezia espresso machines. In this episode, he takes on the tune-up of an Ascaso Dream UP. Watch as he walks us through how to remove and replace the parts that see the most wear and tear in the brew head and steam wand.

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