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Intelligent Java

Jul 25, 2009 · coffee · espresso · history · Legacy · news · roasting
Intelligent Java

With Portland's Stumptown representing strongly for the West Coast and Durham's Counter Culture keeping it real for the East Coast, Chicago's Intelligentsia brings up the middle, melding it all together and offering a similar brand of java-love to folks in the Midwest and beyond. These three companies feature multi-city locations, direct trade values and a commitment to both the art and science of great coffee -- to paraphrase Intelligentsia's David Latourell, it's about consciousness. Flavorwire recently sat down with Latourell to discuss Intelligenstia, what it's about, what the contemporary coffee movement is focused on and what's next. We loved his references to slowing down and understanding what you're ingesting, what you're taking in and why. Sure, a lot of us drink coffee for its caffeine perks, but it's more than that to a lot of people around the world and it's good for us to take a step back and appreciate that. We recommend reading the interview -- which also includes Latourell's tips for finding great coffee and great cafes.

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