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Introducing the Philips Carina LatteGo Superautomatic Espresso Machine!

Nov 22, 2021 · carina · espresso · news · philips · superautomatic
Introducing the Philips Carina LatteGo Superautomatic Espresso Machine!

We've been big fans of the Philips Carina for a while now. This is an affordable, easy to use superauto that makes great drinks without hassle. What's not to love? We're excited to welcome a new Carina option to the SCG catalog - the Philips Carina LatteGo! If you've seen the 3200 or 4300 LatteGo then you might already be familiar with the LatteGo name. If you haven't, we're here to explain it! Put simply, the LatteGo is a carafe based automatic milk steaming option for certain Philips superautomatic espresso machine models. But how does it work? Most carafe options have a tube that pulls the milk into a steaming chamber, then through the brew unit area and out of a spout near the coffee spouts. This isn't necessarily bad, but it means that milk is flowing through inaccessible regions of the machine. While you can absolutely run cleaners through this, it can be a hassle to both clean the carafe and ensure the whole system is clean. By comparison, the LatteGo is a much simpler system. This system uses a siphon to pull milk in an attached carafe up and into a steam chamber in the machine. The difference is that the milk is quickly passed back into the carafe and out a spout position over your cup. The result is a system where milk is flowing through the carafe itself for most of the process. This means that you can easily disassemble and clean the carafe, and use simpler cleaning practices to get the whole system cleaned out. At a more basic level, the Carina LatteGo is an exciting release because it makes fully automated milk drinks possible for an affordable price. If you're looking to upgrade your coffee setup with a new way to get fast and easy espresso drinks you can look no further than the Philips Carina LatteGo!

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