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Introducing St. Anthony Industries!

Dec 13, 2021 · coffee · espresso · new products · news
Introducing St. Anthony Industries!

Today we have a very exciting new line of products coming to Seattle Coffee Gear: Accessories from St. Anthony Industries! This producer of fantastic coffee equipment combines unique design ideas with style, performance, and durability. We’ve got a couple of their products now available on Seattle Coffee Gear. Let’s start with their knockbox.

The Bloc Knockbox

This knockbox is made of hand carved wood, rubber, and stainless steel. The wooden box contains spots for tools like a distribution tool and tamper, as well as removable stainless steel bin for the grounds themselves. The rubber knocking space serves as a tamping station as well, making this your go to spot for prep, organization, and cleanup. While this knock box is on the more expensive side, its combination of quality components and thoughtful design make it very worth it to us!

Levy Precision Tamper

This curious tamper is actually an incredible option for getting perfect consistency with every puck. Instead of featuring a longer stem, this tamper is dialed for a precise depth. Then, you’ll just press the tamped in all the way until it bottoms out, producing a perfectly tamped puck of grounds. This tamper is made of premium materials like hand turned wood that give it a weight and feel that is a delight to use. It also pairs perfectly with the Bloc Knockbox in one of its accessory slots. Both of these products make for fantastic additions to your espresso setup, so check them out today!

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