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Introducing the Lelit Bianca and Lelit MaraX Espresso Machines

Jan 30, 2023 · coffee · dual boiler · espresso · gear · heat exchanger · lelit · news · prosumer
Introducing the Lelit Bianca and Lelit MaraX Espresso Machines

Hello espresso lovers! We're so excited to introduce the Lelit Bianca and Lelit MaraX espresso machines to you. If you're not familiar with the brand, Lelit is a producer of fine Italian espresso machines. Hand built in Milan, the Bianca is a dual boiler beast with some incredible programming, and the MaraX is a heat exchanger based machine that is a great step-up for those looking to get into prosumer home espresso. Let's take a look at each of these machines in a bit more detail!

The Lelit MaraX

Like we said, the MaraX is a heat exchanger based machine in the under $2,000 price range. It features a group head similar to the E61, but with some added innovation. A temperature probe at the group helps to regulate brew temps from the boiler, to the group. This allows the heating system to more accurately deliver consistent temperatures for brewing. You can even select three different temperatures with a three way switch (197, 201, or 205 degrees Fahrenheit). The MaraX also has a custom pump that is designed for quieter operation. This pump also has a long pressure ramp, which naturally pre-infuses the coffee better than the "pre-wetting" style process that many similar machines use. We find that this makes it exceptionally easy to get a perfect shot when paired with the machine's temperature stability. It's really nice for anyone who has struggled with higher end machines and getting it all to click in the past.

This machine also offers a high degree of control. You can set it to its "Brew X" mode for the very best in temp stability for shots, or switch it to "Steam X" mode for more flexibility between brewing and steaming. We love this sort of detail, and think this machine offers a great option for anyone upgrading into the realm of prosumer espresso. You can learn more and check the MaraX out right here!

The Lelit Bianca

If the MaraX is Lelit's step up for the casual home espresso drinker, the Bianca is for the diehards. While we're confident that any user could learn to use this machine, it really shines in the hands of an enthusiast. Featuring similar styling to the MaraX, the face of this machine makes its added depth immediately obvious. First of all, there's the Bianca's brew paddle. This paddle controls the Bianca's needle valve. Needle valves open based directly on the position of the brew paddle. This means you can produce extremely minute pressure differences, allowing you to brew any kind of shot you can imagine. This paddle system is so precise that you can even use it to reproduce pour-over like cups of coffee once you understand how it works.

Plus, using the Lelit Control Center (the display to the lower left of the face), you can save temp and paddle presets to recreate your brews. This means that you don't have to remember that super precise pressure ramp you created, you can just save it to re-use later.

On top of this serious level of control and performance, the Bianca just gets so many other elements of the home espresso enthusiast's needs. You can position the water tank on this machine on the sides instead of the rear to make it easier to access, for example. The machine also has beautiful wood hardware that gives it a much more premium feel than many competitors in its price range. Finally, a rotary pump allows you to plumb this machine in if you want that direct water flow. If you want to learn more about this killer machine you can do that here!

Both of these machines bring you some incredible performance, and both are solid and reliable as a rock thanks to their hand-made quality. We know you're going to love these machines!

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