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Introducing the Lelit William and Lelit Victoria

Aug 22, 2023 · coffee · espresso · grinders · lelit · news
Introducing the Lelit William and Lelit Victoria

Lelit has consistently been one of the most exciting brands in the home espresso space for 2023, and we’re really excited to welcome their Victoria and William models to the Seattle Coffee Gear catalog. This pair solves a challenge that not many offerings do. There’s so many espresso grinders out there, and so many machines, how do you find a pairing that you’ll like? There’s all-in-one models, but then you’re locked into the brewer and grinder. The next best option if you want upgrade flexibility is to do your best, combining a decent grinder and machine in your price range. The Lelit line has its own answer in the form of the Victoria and the William, so let’s take a look!

Lelit William

The Lelit William is a relatively simple espresso grinder built to work well alongside the Victoria and other Lelit espresso machines. It’s a dedicated espresso grinder and not suitable for slow brew methods like drip, but you’re probably fine with that if you’re in this grinder’s market anyway. Price wise, this grinder sits in the middle of the home espresso price range, but it actually punches above its weight with its 64mm flat burrs. These burrs grind well, and grind fast, which is a nice feature given the cost of the grinder.

This grinder features light, time based programming that you can manage through the Lelit LCC system, which ties into their machines as well. With is tap to grind controls it is easy to use - just tap your portafilter to the button and it grinds your desired dose. A manual button allows for purging and top-offs as well. Finally, this grinder’s stepless adjust has a micro-level of adjustment that manages to give it some strong precision even though it isn’t a full stepless. This is a really solid grinder for its price, and we think it’ll work great with machines outside of Lelit’s lineup in addition to that core product line.

Lelit Victoria

The Vitoria is the brew side of this pair, and is a strong option at that. We really like Lelit’s commitment to function over form, and that rings true for the Victoria as well. That isn’t to say that this is an ugly machine though, as it offers a stark, modern aesthetic that will be a fit for many kitchens. But what makes this machine tick? It is important to know that this is a single boiler machine, that means it doesn’t have the huge capacity of a dual boiler, or the unique switch options of machine that have dedicated steaming thermoblocks. This makes the machine more akin to something like the Rancilio Silvia, but with one key difference. The Victoria does have a PID controller, which is huge for temperature stability. Another key is the Victoria’s 3 way solenoid valve, which helps with backflushing and puck quality. Outside of these features, the Victoria really is a no-frills machine. It is easy to control, and relies on a lot of manual, hands-on operation to get your shots. This isn’t a bad thing, because it’ll help you learn to craft delicious drinks if you’re willing to put the time in.

Working Together

The Victoria and the William are both great piece of coffee gear independent of one another. You could pair the William with other machines for great results, and you could say the same for the Victoria with other grinders. With that said, this is a pair that does really go great together, and are definitely worth adding to your list! Check our our video review below:

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