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Introducing the Rocket Espresso Appartamento TCA!

Introducing the Rocket Espresso Appartamento TCA!

Rocket Espresso has long been a manufacturer of some of the finest espresso machines we’ve used. We’ve always loved their line, and at the core of it is their space-conscious classic, the Rocket Espresso Appartamento. We’re excited to share the release of the newest machine to the Rocket Espresso lineup - the Appartamento TCA. This machine redefines the Appartamento platform with new, high performance features not seen before on Rocket machines. It also updates and upgrades core aspects of the machine for new and experienced users alike. Let’s take a look at the changes:

The Big Upgrades

First of all, the Appartamento TCA adds a simple PID controller for temp control. This is where the TCA gets its namesake (Temperature Control Adjustment). This is a huge new feature for this machine, as the previous Appartamento’s lack of PID controller was one of the few things separating it from higher end machines. Along with this PID controller, the TCA has a wider drip tray, an optional 30 minute stand-by timer, and a slick new exterior treatment (available in stainless or black, with different insert colors for the signature side cut-outs). The case doesn’t just look nicer though, it also offers soft-touch controls and updated stainless elements on the face that speak to a more modern aesthetic. 

The group head has been redesigned as well, with an in-house design that helps to better accommodate temperature stability. Finally, as with every Rocket Espresso machine, every Appartamento TCA is built by hand in Italy, ensuring high quality construction.

The Details

Along with the big updates to the Appartamento, this machine also offers some interesting extra odds and ends. The first is selectable boiler pressure, something we don’t see very often. While Rocket doesn’t expect that users will frequently change the pressure in the boiler, having the option makes this the sort of machine you can carry with you from being a new user to a hobbyist. With 4 pressure levels, you’ll be able to find a sweet spot for your brewing and steaming as you go for more unique shot times and beans. 

Much of this more advanced functionality is cleverly managed with the machine’s controls too - and messaged with an easy to read RGB indicator on the face of the machine. It’s an elegant solution that avoids a screen, keeping that classic Italian espresso look.

Enduring Performance

Along with all of these upgrades, the Appartamento TCA maintains the core quality and performance that you’ve come to expect from Rocket and the Appartamento. The heat exchanger boiler still offers simultaneous steaming and brewing, and the tactile controls are even more of a joy to work with given their soft-touch updates. By giving you additional temperature control and stability, hobbyist features like pressure adjustment, the optional stand-by mode, and all of those fit and finish updates, the Rocket Espresso Appartamento is a really fantastic update to a power house machine. Make sure it’s on your list of options to consider for your 2024 espresso machine upgrade.

Learn more and see this machine in action below!



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