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Introducing the Solis Grind and Infuse Espresso Machine!

Apr 13, 2023 · all-in-one · coffee · espresso · machines · new · news · solis
Introducing the Solis Grind and Infuse Espresso Machine!

If you know us, you know we love Solis. If you aren't familiar with them, Solis makes easy to use, high value espresso machines. The brand bucks the trend of offering either a machine you'll grow out of quick or one that costs thousands of dollars. For a while now the only machine offering from Solis has been the Barista Perfetta. The Perfetta is a great entry level machine, but one that you do have to pair with a grinder. Today we're introducing a very exciting machine from Solis that changes that.

Grind and Infuse

The Solis Grind and Infuse Espresso Machine is an all-in-one machine that combines brew unit and grinder. This means that you don't need to shop for a grinder that'll work with the Grind and Infuse. Instead, you can just buy this one box and get to brewing. This makes it an excellent option for anyone that wants one unit on their counter but still wants to be hands-on.

The Grind and Infuse is also the perfect machine to learn on. Coming in at an affordable price that matches most entry level machine and grinder combos, it's a great machine for your first purchase.

The Grinder

The grinder in the Grind and Infuse is already a winner. Built with similar anti-static technology to the Solis Scala Zero, this grinder is low mess. This helps cut down on frustration for new users, as a messy work space adds cleanup time to your shot pulling.

The grinder in the Grind and Infuse has a portafilter holder to make it easy to use. With a grind timer as well, you can really dial in the perfect settings to make it a breeze to recreate a great grind. This repeatability also helps you learn to tamp, because you can be sure that that's the only variable. It's really the perfect pairing with the brew unit.

The Brew Unit

Speaking of, the Grind and Infuse brew unit couldn't be easier to work with. By using a pressurized portafilter basket you can correct for a slightly off grind or tamp. This makes it much simpler to get the shots you want. Once you understand the basics, you can switch to a more precise unpressurized portafilter basket to get a more nuanced shot. Using an unpressurized filter requires a more precise grind and tamp, but you can really tease out some amazing flavors from your beans this way.

On top of the basket options, the Grind and Infuse has great programming features too. By programming in grind time and shot length you can really quickly recreate your shots over and over again. It's a great way to combine convenience and education.

Odds and Ends

That's not all though, the Grind and Infuse is packed with smart details that really make it stand out. A shot time built into the face is a big one. By timing your shots you can dial in your grinder, bringing all of the puzzle pieces together to create incredible espresso. The machine also has a pressure gauge, which will help you diagnose any issues with your shots. Then, of course, there's the steam wand. We're impressed with the quality of milk you can froth on this machine, and it even doubles as a hot water spout for americanos. So if you're shopping for your first espresso machine, or just looking for an all-in-one model to safe some space, you've got to check out the Solis Grind and Infuse.

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