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Java & Jollies

Mar 5, 2009 · coffee · Legacy · news
Java & Jollies

Over the past several months, we have been seeing story after story filter across the wire regarding the proposed topless coffee shop in a small Maine town. Many of the stories were about zoning, town feedback, determining if it could be licensed, etc. -- until last week when the business passed all the muster and opened its doors.

Now we love a nice piece of tail just as much as the next person, but when we read this article by CNN we couldn't help but be a little bit disturbed by the underlying exploitation inherent in this business. We particularly liked it when the owner references that they didn't 'hire any 10's' or the fact that the shop was inundated with applications primarily because of the poor job market in that area (and, really, everywhere around the country right now). Also, they mention that most of the customers right now are couples and women -- maybe the men don't want to do a lot of 'splaining about their newly increased espresso budget.

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