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Lavazza Tierra! - Sweet Beans with a Conscience

Oct 20, 2008 · coffee · lavazza · Legacy
Lavazza Tierra! - Sweet Beans with a Conscience

Agricultural sustainability is a global challenge -- from biodiversity to non-toxic farming practices, there are significant issues that we face in regard to ensuring our food supply is healthy, scalable and, most importantly, fair to everyone involved. To that end, Lavazza launched the Tierra! Project in 2004, which supports sustainable economic, social and agricultural development in three coffee growing communities located in Honduras, Peru and Colombia. The Tierra! beans are 100% Arabica, completely traceable and you'll know your money goes toward supporting an overall increase in the standard of living in these communities. While coffee is regaled the world over and is the 2nd highest traded commodity, the farmers that grow these delicious beans receive very little of the economic boon you'd expect given the place their product has in the market. Supporting fair trade and economically sustainable coffee outfits is one step that you can take to help change this global dynamic. Sure, it's small -- but will likely make more of an impact than you can imagine.

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